Things I’ve made trying to impact people’s lives.

I’ve worked on tons of little projects over the years, after hours, and between roles as a professional software engineer...but also some really big important projects. Here are some that I'm particularly proud of.

  • Aerbits

    Creating technology to empower cities to become more sustainable and resilient.

  • NeonBot

    Created a RAG/GPT powered chat-bot, integrated with OpenAI APIs, OpenSearch/Amplify

  • Konstituent

    Let your voice be heard, reach out to local leaders on issues you care about.

  • BirdsDogs

    A mockup for an AI powered car buying experience that I designed.

  • Aerbits YouTube Channel

    Videos about drones, AI, and the future of cities. Youtube

  • Zillow Premier Agent CRM / Leads

    Leads, relationships, and tools for Real Estate Agents.

    Zillow PA CRM

  • PassportEDU

    International University Applications Platform.


  • Trulia Business Services

    Leads, relationships, and tools for Real Estate Agents. (Acquired by Zillow)

    Trulia Real Estate Agent Portal

  • rateGenius

    Auto-refinance marketplace.

  • DEMO III - Autonomous Vehicle

    Cutting edge off-road fully autonomous vehicle, in 2001.